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A long shot to talk Maths paid off!

An online swap finally gave this member a way to talk about his passion for Maths and to learn more.

How did you find out about Derbyshire Time Swap?

RF used to work at Derbyshire County Council and saw it advertised in County Hall.

Why did you decide to join?

RF believes he has more free time now and wanted to get out and meet people and help them

What activities did you exchange?

I have unbelievably found a swap whereby I am taught maths! I am extremely interested in maths and physics, I read biographies of physicists for fun and popular science books, but my maths education stopped at O-level (GCSE). I took GCSE maths at night school to help my daughter a few years back and absolutely loved it but I knew I was a disruption in the class as I constantly wanted to go off the syllabus and talk more widely around the subject. I realised I probably needed to take private lessons so that I could go where my curiosity wanted. Time Swap was a longshot try at this! and incredibly it paid off. The good news is that I will volunteer willingly, in exchange, locally which to me is a pleasure anyway, as I get out the house, meet others and help them.

What was the result from your swap?

RF has had a number of lessons from another member, and in return has offered help locally with litter picks, community and private gardens. We have also discussed the possibility of local walks etc.

What impact has this had for you?

RF has developed knowledge and confidence in an area that interests him. The local community benefits as he is now earning back his hours by getting involved in swaps to help his local community!

What have you learned?

This swap was brokered by a direct approach to a member after a conversation at an event. They didn’t advertise the skill through Time Swap but were happy to offer it in this instance. It was the first entirely remote swap we have conducted, using Teams, and so an ‘introductory meeting’ model was utilised rather than an accompanied first meeting. This worked well and gave the members an opportunity to discuss in a supported setting and make their own arrangements for future meetings.

Final thoughts.

“Well I had a great time with the other member, he is such a good teacher, it was an absolute blast, everything I wanted it to be including a cliff-hanger I had to work out for the next lesson! Time Swap is an incredible scheme, such a good idea, thanks to all involved coordinating it."

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