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Amy learns to knit

Learn more about how Amy learned to knit and meet new people through the Derbyshire Time Swap programme.

What made you decide to join the Derbyshire Time Swap? 

I had moved house and thought it would be good to meet new people in the village. I also wanted to give something to people in the community too.

What activities did you exchange? 

Befriending a lady who lives by herself and she taught me to knit.

How did getting involved expand your social networks?

I am now friends with the lady and she has been to our family parties. I know her family well too.

What skills have you developed?

Mainly how to knit but I've also made a good friend and learnt about her past and life over 97 years.

What gave you the most satisfaction? 

Giving my time to somebody and listening to them.

How has it benefited you? 

I felt happier as we both found a friend in each other. I love hearing her stories. I have just knitted a jumper with my skill.

What 3 words would you use to sum up your Time Swap experience? 

Friendship. Listening. Fun.

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