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An infectious passion for Time Swap!

A long standing member has found a renewed passion for an old skill thanks to Time Swap and is sharing it countywide.

How did you find out about Derbyshire Time Swap?

Council mailing list.

Why did you decide to join?

RT very much liked the concept of swapping time and skills. He wanted the satisfaction of helping others.

What activities did you exchange?

RT has done lots of practical jobs through Time Swap. He remembers being asked to put up a curtain pole and was faced with the wrong type of curtain pole for a bay window. He faced one problem after another, but RT persisted until he’d cracked it, and they were left with a fully functional curtain in their bay window. No small task!

RT was invited to take part in the tender process for the post covid Time Swap contract. He took part in putting the specification together and was on the panel who considered the tender applications. He was also on the interview panel to select the new Time Swap team. He found being a part of a public sector tendering process very interesting, having largely worked in the private sector.

When Jane went to meet RT at home at the start of the project in 2023, they spotted RT’s homemade string grocery bags and asked him about them. The conversation renewed RT’s interest in making them, which has led to RT making a countywide offer to TS members to teach groups how to make string bags. He has attended craft fayres as a TS member, skill shares and is currently swapping with a local organisational member (Infinite Wellbeing) offering a weekly drop in at their community centre, to teach string bag making. RT is very passionate about it for its sustainability and the memories it brings back of being sent off to do the grocery shopping as a boy.

What was the result from your swap?

RT is an invaluable Time Swap member who inspires and enthuses when he shares his skill. His experience with the tender process gives him a deeper understanding of the project and this is reflected in the support he offers the team.

What impact has this had for you?

RT has rediscovered his passion for sustainable string bag making and is enjoying sharing this with others, who he hopes will carry on his passion.

What have you learned?

RT was an only child and so particularly enjoys being with others and seeing their pleasure.

"Every day I like to make somebody smile."

Final thoughts.

RT has been a fantastic ambassador for Time Swap and is involved in a group of members who help drive Time Swap as well as his regular swap!

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