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Changing a community, one activity at a time!

The new community task force set to bring back community values!

How did you find out about Derbyshire Time Swap?

GB found out about Time Swap having seen an advert on Facebook. She lives on the New Bolsover housing estate where the “planting day event” took place (in May 2023) and spoke to Natalie on the day to find out more information as she remembered the Facebook post.

Why did you decide to join?

GB wanted to meet new people but also to help connect her local community together again. Pre covid the estate did lots of community things and she wants this to happen again.

What activities did you exchange?

GB became part of a “task force” involving Time Swap, Bolsover CVS and Bolsover District Council. She is helping to take ownership of the community events that happen on the estate. We discussed holding a litter picking day in July 2023 in the school holidays to get the children involved. Once a date was confirmed we put letters advertising this in all of the houses on the estate and arranged to borrow litter picking equipment from the council. The plan was to spend 3 hours litter picking and then having a communal picnic to encourage the residents to talk to each other.

What was the result from your swap?

On the day GB brought along her neighbour who is thinking of signing up to TS. The neighbourhood looked neat and tidy after the litter picking and GB has had conversations with children on the estate since then about not dropping litter. There were a few conversations on the day with other residents, a couple of whom got involved with the litter picking.

What impact has this had for you?

The hope is residents will feel more like a community again, as they did pre Covid.

What have you learned?

Let the residents tell the “professionals” what they want to do on the estate – it is for their benefit, and we want them to get involved but they will only do so for something they want to do.

"I feel the limitations of age now and recognise the value of Time Swap whereby an extra pair of hands or a need for additional knowledge creates bridges and conduits with any community at all ages”.

Final thoughts.

GB is now helping to plan a “Halloween event” on the estate to try keep the community spirit going and to encourage other residents to get involved.

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