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Jane's big life change

Jane's change in circumstances brought her to Time Swap and she stayed for the friends and connections she made.

What made you decide to join the Derbyshire Time Swap? 

I had recently moved to Derbyshire from the Cotswolds after the break up of a 30 year marriage, I didn't know anyone and it was a really good way to get to meet people and make friends.

I was now living alone and had a recent serious prolapsed disc in my back, which made life quite difficult at times. There were certain jobs that I found impossible to do, such as lifting heavy boxes, and I had plenty of those from the house move! Discovering Time Swap at that time was an absolute life saver!

What activities did you exchange? 

I have given time to help an elderly lady with no car get to a craft group; hemming trousers for a
gentleman who couldn't sew. I helped a bereaved lady sort through her late mothers belongings; made tea and coffee for a group gardening session; helped Time Swap
members clear up after a water leak and made a cake.

I asked for help to lift heavy boxes after moving house, help with computer, had a wood delivery stacked, wooden doors attached to wardrobe area, learned how to make a Christmas wreath and went on group walks.

How did getting involved expand your social networks?

Hugely because I didn't know anyone when I first joined, as I had only just moved house.

My Time Swap friends are now some of my best friends locally.

What skills have you developed?

I learned how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch at a Time Swap Workshop, and I have
made several more since then, including some for friends.

What gave you the most satisfaction? 

Meeting with like-minded people, for the good of others. It is such an inspiring and uplifting experience
being in a group of people who are happy to assist each other. Such a sense of being part of a
supportive community. As someone who now lives alone, that is very precious.

How has it benefited you? 

It has made me feel supported and not so alone. For example, I have a bad back and I am unable to stack the wood when I have a wood delivery for my fire. The supplier used to stack it for me for a small fee, but
then refused to continue the stacking. It made me feel very vulnerable and knowing that Time Swap was there to fall back on for support was such a comfort.

What 3 words would you use to sum up your Time Swap experience? 

Life-changing. Inspiring. Uplifting.

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